University James Cook University (JCU)
Subject CN2205: Australia and Asia in Cinema

Section A: (Sources other than scholarly articles can be used as a reference for this section) -Research the history of the film/cinema industry of Korea by identifying 3 films that represent important landmarks/turning points in Korean cinema history. Recommended films:

1 Viva Freedom! (1946) (Korean independence movement)

2) Madame Freedom (1956) (modern story with Western values)

3) Parasite (2019) (Academy Award winner) (not compulsory to use these 3 listed films.

Other Korean films can be used instead but the 3 chosen films need to be produced in different time periods/era and relevant as important landmarks/turning points in Korea’s cinema history) -Briefly review each film based on the locations used, distribution of film, funding, audiences, and ratings of the films. Not compulsory to cover all these aspects of the film. -Briefly comment on each film’s relevance as important landmark films in Korea’s film industry based on its aspects.

Section B: (only scholarly articles are to be used as a reference for this section) Write a reflection on what has been researched and learned about cinema in Korea with specific reference to the 3 chosen landmark films. -Also link the reflection to theories and concepts of place and location in cinema. (At least 10 reference sources are required in total for the entire assignment.

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