Choose a Problem that You may Encounter in a Child Care Centre: Early Childhood Care & Education Assignment, AIC, Singapore

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University Asian International College (AIC)
Subject Early Childhood Care & Education

Individual Assignment

Choose a problem that you may encounter in a Child Care Centre. How would you solve this problem to build a network of relationships with the knowledge and skills you have learned?

Please consider the following: –

  • List the people/organizations that can help or support you.
  • Recognize the level of relationships you have with them and your contributions and status in the network.
  • Set the help projects you want them to give.
  • List your action plan

Submit an individual written report. (Word count 800)

Assignment Guidelines:

  1. Relevant Knowledge (e.g. definition, explanation, knowledge, and understanding of the topic)
  2. Quality of Analysis (with evidence of interpretation, formulation of conclusions and opinions, reflection)
  3. Expression & Structure (e.g. organization, clarity, grammar, syntax)
  4. Supporting Evidence (e.g. range of references, materials, books, journals, reports, illustrations)
  5. Presentation / Participation
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