BSE217: Create a rating scale or categories of differentiation to rate the movement proficiencies of the individual: Motor Development, Control and Learning Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject BSE217: Motor Development Control and Learning

Question 3

You have been selected to create a playground resource pack for parents/caregivers that advocates the development of movement competence of children from a contemporary, interactionist perspective.

Your resource pack should include photos of the playground equipment being recommended.

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(a) Introduction
Explain to users of the resource pack why creating learning opportunities from a contemporary perspective is important in developing movement competence (to move motor performance to motor learning).

(b) Content
i. Provide photos of THREE (3) playground equipment/obstacles that can be used to challenge children’s development of movement competence.
ii. Formulate THREE activities that can be conducted for each playground equipment/obstacle outlined in (i). You can include photos of the activities and equipment to supplement your descriptions.
iii. Pick THREE (3) activities that you have formulated in (ii) and explain how
engaging with the various activities will enhance movement competence of children.

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