BSBPMG531: Manager Networks is an organisation that provides networking events for business people across Australia: Civil construction and design, Assignment, CCAMT, Singapore

University Capital College of the ArtsManagement and Technology (CCAMT)
Subject BSBPMG531: Civil construction and design

Case study

Manager Networks is an organisation that provides networking events for business people across Australia. The company runs regular networking events but has now decided to expand its core services to include:

  • start an annual conference event focussing on an area of business considered to be of key importance
  • consultancy services to individuals and small businesses.

It is hoped that the conference will provide information on cutting edge leadership topics that focus on leadership skills, knowledge and trends It should also promote Management Networks, as well as providing professional development for its clients.

It is hoped that the consultancy services will provide support and personalised assistance to customers attending the conferences and networking events.

As the Administration Manager for Manager Networks, you have been asked by the CEO to take on the role of Project Manager for both the conference and investigating the feasibility of establishing consultancy services.

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