Brand Consultant and develop a corporate brand revitalization strategy and a communication plan to generate better: Marketing Report, CU, Singapore

University Curtin University (CU)
Subject Marketing

You are to take the role of a brand Consultant and develop a corporate brand revitalization strategy and a communication plan to generate better engagement around a corporate brand of your choosing.

Your strategy for revitalizing the brand image will serve as a springboard for converting the engagement into new customers and more revenue, as well as retaining and building loyalty with existing customers.

  • An introduction to the report specifying the chosen corporate brand, its business, the chosen country/region, and the context within which it is operating, and state why you are undertaking the project.
  • Identify and describe the brand target audience/customers and conduct some form of a situation analysis that culminates in the creation of a brand swot analysis.
  • Develop a brand concept map for the brand relevant to your chosen context and strategy and link it explicitly to the above task. Explain the key perceptions and associations of the brand and evaluate these critically.
  • Dependent on your chosen scenario, select and develop an appropriate “brand planning model” to develop some core aspects of your revitalization strategy. You must state explicitly why you have chosen this model and create the relevant content for your specific application, culminating in an appropriate design of the brand mantra. Ultimately, of course, the brand manager will need to understand, exactly what you have done, why, and how. etc.

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