BPM303: You are tasked to carry out a site analysis and market research to support the proposed redevelopment. You are required: Project Development and Finance Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject BPM303 : Project Development and Finance

Question 1

You are tasked to carry out a site analysis and market research to support the proposed redevelopment. You are required to present the following analysis and research to the board:

(a) Site analysis
Property market in Singapore
Economic and government policy in Singapore

Question 2

The Chief Finance Officer is delighted with the asset enhancement to the existing portfolio. However, in the current rising interest rate environment, he is greatly concerned about the gearing of the company.

(a) Demonstrate your understanding of the adverse gearing impact on the company’s performance.
(b) Discuss and appraise the actions that the company can take to minimize the impact of high-gearing

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Question 3

Cap Company would also like to explore another option to redevelop the J mall into an office building. Currently, the book value of this J mall with the land is S$ 1.7 billion and it will transfer to a project company for redevelopment. Stamp duty and legal fees is assumed for internal transfer.

Under the URA master plan, the land has a plot ratio of 4.2. The architect proposes a green office building and Net Lettable Area (NLA) can achieve 90% of Gross Floor Area (GFA) through efficient space planning. Market research indicates that net rent after the holding period of 24 months is estimated to be S$ 120/m2 per month for comparable office buildings in that area.

A bank has agreed to provide a short-term financing scheme at an interest rate of 8% p.a. The project team has also advised the construction cost to be S$ 3,500 per m2 on GFA. The development schedule for the design and construction stages is six months and 36 months respectively. Based on the market, the capitalization rate of a commercial building is 5%.

(a) Analyse the data and apply the Profit Evaluation Analysis (risk/return) to determine the profit margin of the project.
(b) Identify with explanation the potential issues of overestimating the profit while using this method to compute the project return.

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