BM1988: Identify and explain any TWO (2) possible appraisal issues faced by the organization: Performance management Case Study, NYP, Singapore

University Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)
Subject BM1988: Performance management Case Study


Learners are required to prepare a report that contains the following:

Part A:
Based on the given case scenario (Appendix 1), learners are to:
Identify and explain any TWO (2) possible appraisal issues faced by the organization.

Evaluate the performance measurement approach(es) adopted.

Describe the key components in the collection of performance information.

Provide any TWO (2) recommendations, with explanation, to overcome the issues identified.

Part B:

Based on learner’s current work organization, learners are to reflect on the employee development process and provide any ONE (1) suggestion for improvement, with specific work examples and justification for the recommendation.

All recommendations are to be supported with reference against research articles, statistic and data to substantial it.
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