This assignment contains two main tasks:

PART A: Subnetting

Using the Packet Tracer File (PART A: Subnetting), configure the network as follows:

1) You have been allocated subnet

Subnet this network into four subnets as follows (Please provide the complete subnet tables):

1.1) Subnet 1 for site 1.

1.2) Subnet 2 for the link between R1 and the Internet Router.

1.3) Subnet 3 for site 2.

1.4) Subnet 4 for the link between R2 and the Internet Router.

2) Configure the routers per the instructions in the diagram.

3) Configure the switches with the second last IP address in the subnet.

4) Configure the DHCP servers with the third last IP address in the subnet.

5) Configure the DHCP server to allocate IP addresses to the clients.

6) Verify that PCs can access cisco.com and facebook.com using their browsers.


Using the Packet Tracer File (PART B: VLAN), configure the network as follows:

1) Switch 3650 = layer 3 switch with IP addresses and interVLAN routing:

VLAN 1 =

VLAN 10 =,

VLAN 20 =

VLAN 30 =,

VLAN 100 =

2) Access layer switches will only have management IP addresses in VLAN 1:Switch 1 =

Switch 2 =

Switch 3 =

3) Configure access ports as follows:

PC1 in VLAN 10 –

PC2 in VLAN 20 –

PC3 in VLAN 30 –

Server1 in VLAN 100 –

4) Configure ports between switches as trunks.

5) Make sure that PCs can ping each other and the server.

6) Make sure that switches can ping the PCs and server.

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