BAFI1012: How Can Aqualisa Segment the Consumers in the Market in this Case: Business Finance Case Study, RMIT, Singapore

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University The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

For question 1, be sure you segment based upon a customer NOT a marketing mixes-based perspective and ensure your segments meet the requirements that allow for the successful targeting of segments.

Q1 a) How can Aqualisa segment the consumers in the market in this case?

Q1 b) How can Aqualisa segment the collaborators in the market?

Q2. The case mentions low sales and asks, “how to generate sales momentum”. Please explain/describe the possibilities, pick one, and argue why that is an appropriate strategy. What is the marketing plan that you will use with the strategy you picked?

Q3 You are the manager of a new car model. The price of the current model is £15,000. It goes 2 miles per liter (mpl) and maintenance cost is £2,000 over the lifetime. The new model is priced at £20,000 requires £500 for maintenance over the lifetime and gives 4 miles per liter.

Petrol costs £1.50 per liter. The average life of a car is 12,000 miles. You are trying to tell the customer how much better your new product is. How will you do that?

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