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CPM Homework Help by the experts from Singapore famous universities is the need of today's Project management students. CPM is a powerful project management technique providing a concept called critical path. Since a project consists of orderly, however, not dependent activities, it can be viewed as a network diagram where the activities are displayed as branches connected at nodes immediately preceding and immediately following events.

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What is a project scheduling?

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Project scheduling is concerned with the techniques that can be employed to manage the tasks that need to be undertaken during the development of a project. Programming is carried out in advance of the commencing of the project and involves:

  • Identifying the tasks that need to be carried out
  • Estimating how long they will take
  • Allocating resources
  • Scheduling when the function will occur

Effective project planning will help to secure that the systems are delivered:

  • Within the time constraint
  • Within cost
  • To a particular standard of quality
Project scheduling techniques-

Two project scheduling techniques will be presented, the Milestone Chart (or Gantt chart) and the activity network-

  • The milestone chart- Milestone mark significant events in the life of a project, usually critical activities which must be achieved in time to avoid delay in the project.
  • Gantt charts- A Gantt chart is a horizontal line or bar chart which will frequently include the following features i.e.
  • -Activities identified on the left-hand side
  • -The time scale is drawn on the top of the chart
  • -A horizontal line is drawn to each activity indicating estimated duration
  • -Dependence within activities are shown
  • Activity Networks- It developed a technique for analysis of the performance of large project development, which became known as PERT- Project Evaluation And Review Technique and CPM- Critical Path Method or CPA- Critical Path Analysis
Critical Path Method (CPM)

A critical path is one whose sum of activity time is longer than for any other path through the network. This path is important because, if all goes depending on the schedule, its length gives the shortest possible completion time of the overall project. Therefore, students seek for CPM assignment help with our professional and expert writers.

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Project evaluation and review technique (PERT)

It is a Project Management Assignment Help technique which arose from a variety of constructive projects. It is assumed that a project is actually a set of task or activities, which can be started and ended independently of each other. These activities can be initiated and terminated independently of each other.

CPM also plans and control various sequences of activities and events-

  • CPM gives the one-time estimate for competing for each activity.
  • CPM identifies both cost and time estimates.
  • CPM is used where regular activities are performed to complete the project that is where the time for completing the activities is known

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