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On a particular matter or topic essay helps to express one’s opinion. It involves methodical analysis and detailed assessment of the topic.

To get a conclusion to a certain affair, experience, subject, issue or topic, scholarly pieces of writing are executed known as academic essays. The writers are committed to present an appropriate argument from their opinion concerning the topic in order to move towards a concluding part.

Types of essays-

There are different kinds of essays, however, they are mainly categorized into two divisions: one, character-based and the second, structure-based. Character based essay:

1. The expository essay- To explain an issue expository essay are required. This kind of essay presents a balanced analysis of the subject without involving any emotion or biased opinion.
2. The persuasive essay- In order to convey that one idea is more legitimate than the other, persuasive essay is based on ideas and logic.
3. The analytical essay
4. The argumentative essay
5. The descriptive essay
6. The cause/effect essay
7. The definition essay
8. The narrative essay
9. The critical essay
10. The compare/contrast essay
11. The process essay
12. Admission essay
13. Classification essay
14. Deductive essay
15. Exploratory essay
16. Informal essay
17. Literature essay
18. Personal essay
19. Research essay
20. Response essay

Structure-based essay:

1. The three-paragraph essay
2. The five-paragraph essay

How to improve an existing essay?

There are a number of elements that run an average essay to high-quality essays. Here’s how students’ can improve their essay writing qualities:

• Produce a small group
• Think about starting small
• Remember a few key principles
• Take professional help
• Perfect writing style

How to write a good essay?

• Generate some original sentences
• The strongest evidence at the beginning of the body paragraph
• Consider every idea
• Have the essay question in front of you
• Do not rely on grammar and spell check software

Common problems faced by students while writing an essay

• Incoherent
• Plagiarism
• Weak structure
• Non-relevance
• Insufficient information
• Incorrect referencing
• Time constraint
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