The women rights must be given to them in equality as that of men so that stability in the society can be maintained. Meaning of the feminism and such other movements is not associated with the demand of special treatment of women in a given society but its foundation is laid on the grounds of maintain the quality and justice with regards to the rights of women equal to the men in a society. We can see that how discrimination against the women is still prevalent if not to a major extent then to a minor one but it is not completely vanished from the society. For instance there are evidences like sending girl child to the low reputed colleges and male child to the best renowned colleges of the world for higher education. Feminism which is the much obsessed term to give equality to the women in every way is very much diluted in different ways in current period of time. Many women feminist consider this movement as a weapon against the men to subjugate and dominate on them. The real meaning of movements like feminism and women empowerment do not lies into the subjugation of the men and to put hegemony on them but to set an equality and stability in the society which should be very much clear to everyone enmeshed in this movement. There are people who believe in the fact that we do not need women empowerment but the demand for men empowerment is in much requirement. This is true if we consider some of the regions where the plight of men is miserable. To generalise the statement that women are already empowered and we require men empowerment is not good as it depends upon place to place as per the situation. But if we observe the issue on a global scale then women are more subjected to the discrimination as compared to the men as the patriarchal setup is high in many nations when it comes to count the matriarchal societies. So we cannot reach to a conclusion that women do not need any further movement like feminism and they are already empowered more than enough. Generalising the situations is a bad thing which becomes the reason of exploitation with the female on the basis of their gender. There must be a complete freedom and equality on the grounds of social rights, legal possession for the women and men both. That is how the ultimate growth of a nation can be seen by its citizens to attain a healthy and best life. We can put the conclusion of this persuasive essay on women rights and patriarchal society that there are some countries where we do not need feminism and women empowerment and vice versa. There is a big need to pay attention on the individualism rather than generalising the things. Also we can see the level of discrimination to women which is lowered to a big extent in some societies but not eradicated completely and that does not mean we should give a break to feminism in such places. Until or unless complete equality and fraternity between the two gender and sexes is not maintained it is hard to acquire equality in a given society. We can also say that financial independence of the women plays a significant role in the equality and status in society. The education must be oriented towards job and financial independence of the women to give a push to the feminism and equality in the rights of women and men in a given social set up. One thing that is worth to notice here is that social equality and legal equality both are different. It is easy to get legal equality but social equality is hard to gain and take ages.

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