You are to create an application to keep track of the jogging spots in Singapore: Computer Science Assignment, OBU, Singapore

University Oxford Brookes University(OBU)
Subject Computer Science


You are to create an application to keep track of the jogging spots in Singapore. There are three categories: Parks, Park Connectors, and Stadiums.

You have to implement a menu-driven application with the features shown in Fig 1 below:

For Part 1 of the Graded Assignment, you are to create a menu-driven application that would only perform view functions. Add functions are NOT required, they will be implemented only in Part 2 of the project.

  1. View All Jogging Spots – this function should display the relevant details (which will be elaborated on in the following sections) about each jogging spot.
  2. View Jogging Spots by Category– this function should display a sub-menu and prompt the user to select the category of jogging spot to display, and then show the relevant details for all jogging spots in that category.
  3. Quit – this function should terminate the program.


  • Every Instrumentrecord should capture the name of the jogging spot.
  • For Park records, the application has to also capture whether the jogging spot has a sea view.
  • For Park Connector records, the application has to also capture the route distance in km (double value).
  • For Stadium records, the application has to also capture the closing time, assumed to be the same every day.
  • For Part 1 of the Graded Assignment, your application will manage data of entry records that are already in the database. Your application is required to retrieve the appropriate data and display it to the users.
  • Database Tables and Fields
  • The following information describes one possible example to implement the requirements described above.
  • Two tables will be used. The jogging_spot table will store all the data about the jogging spots, except the unavailability dates for stadiums (when booked for functions and closed to joggers). These unavailability dates will be stored separately in theunavailability_date
  • You are free to use them or improve on them by implementing your own database tables and fields.

Section A

  • Complete the following tasks
    • Set up the database to support the application
    • Write a menu-driven application(ref. Fig 1 above) to display jogging spot records for all jogging spots and according to jogging spot categories

Section B

  • Complete the following tasks
    • Create classes for each jogging spot category, namelyPark, ParkConnectorand Stadium.
    • Create an abstract parent class for these classes named JoggingSpot.
    • Implement constructors and getter methods for every field in each class.
    • Create interface unavailability that contains one public method to announce availability(). This interface should be implemented by the Stadium class to do the following tasks:
      • Retrieve unavailability dates for the current stadium, from today to two weeks into the future, from the unavailability_date table
      • Display the unavailability announcement, if any
      • announceUnavailbility() should be used when displaying stadium info
    • Draw the complete class diagram for the above interface and classes.
      • You can draw on paper, take a photo, and attach it to an MS Word document, or
      • Draw using MS Word or other suitable tools.
    • Write code for the above three classes.
  • Enhance code in Section A with the following points
  • Create an ArrayList of JoggingSpotobjects
  • For each record from the jogging_spottable, create either a Park, ParkConnector, or Stadium object to store the fields in that record
  • Add the object into the ArrayList of JoggingSpotobjects
  • Use the values stored in the ArrayList objects to display the relevant results to the user(instead of reading directly from the database for every user request).
  • Complete and submit a report using the following report template:

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