You Are Required to Choose an International Business Organization You will need to Submit an Informal Business Report Pertaining to the Business Organization’s Operations in a Country Within ASIA: International Business Research Paper, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject International Business

There has been a growing presence of international businesses in Singapore. This could be attributed to Singapore’s attractiveness as a business hub. However, this has made it more challenging for homegrown firms to compete in Singapore.

In order to counter this issue, many Singapore businesses have ventured overseas in search of greater business opportunities. Similarly, many international businesses have set up operations in Singapore.

You are required to choose an international business organization. You will need to submit an informal business report (refer to Annex A) pertaining to the business organization’s operations in a country within ASIA.

NOTE: The organization must already have a presence in the selected country in Asia. In your report, you will have to work on the following areas based on the chosen organization and country:

i. Analyse the Political, Legal, Economic, and Social Environment of the selected country.

ii. Evaluate the organization’s mode of entry and business strategy used to enter the chosen country.

iii. Assess the relevance and effectiveness of the organization’s business structure. iv. Suggest THREE (31 or more recommendations on how the organization could improve its standing in the chosen country.


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