Write an essay focusing on a company of your choice, that will critically analyze and discuss how contemporary marketing issues: Marketing Essay, SIM, Singapore

University Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
Subject Marketing Essay

Task overview

The aim of this assignment is to write an essay focusing on a company of your choice, that will critically analyze and discuss how contemporary marketing issues and practices can become opportunities and challenges, as well as how they impact the organization.

In completing this essay, you are required to focus your answer on one Singapore or UK-based organization. You are free to select any sector; however, the company of your choice must have a recent annual report freely available online for you to read. It is essential that you also research the organisation thoroughly using marketing intelligence reports on the sector, as well as consult more specific information about the organisation itself. It is suggested that you undertake an analysis of the current marketing practices of the organisation through monitoring of their communications and reviewing publicly available information about their strategy and operations.


The following parts will be addressed in the essay:

  • An introduction to the organisation that sets the scene as to their position in the marketplace, alongside their vision/goals/mission, and their future plans (if available). Based on the annual report, present a summary of the future areas of development or performance improvement or where the company currently faces issues. (350-450 words)
  • Critically analyse what current or emerging trends could impact the organisation’s future and discuss how this could be. For example, in the context of their areas of future development, expansion plans, long-term strategy, changes to operation, adoption of new technology, changes in consumer behaviour, logistics, ethical considerations, profitability etc. Examine how these trends could impact on the organisation in the selected context. Support your discussion with relevant evidence/data and sound argumentation. (500-600 words)
  • Select one contemporary marketing issue relevant to the chosen organisation and critically evaluate how this issue poses a challenge to the organisation. Present evidence to explain impact on marketing strategy and practice. (500-600 words)
  • To conclude, discuss implications and recommendations that arise as a result of your analyses in the context of the organisation’s future plans. Evaluate and summarise impact on consumers and wider society, as well as how innovative and feasible your conclusions/recommendations are in the context of the organisation’s position and wider industry environment. (350-450 words)
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