Write an Analytical Essay on: “The Supply Chain Management environment within the South African organization: Logistics and Supply Chain Management Essay, SUSS, Singapore

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University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Logistics and Supply Chain Management

1. Write an analytical essay on: “The Supply Chain Management environment within the South African organization”

In writing this analytical essay you have the following approaches available —

  • Your analytical essay can focus on legislation and key government initiatives governing the supply chain management, supplier relationships, and negotiation skills;
  • A more Demand/Acquisition approach focusing on supplier relationships;
  • A disposal management approach taking supplier relationships into consideration;
  • An integrated approach of all the above mentioned. Provide a holistic overview of the Supply Chain Management environment as per your approach within the South African context. In-depth coverage is not necessary, as long as all necessary elements are covered.

Decide on either 2.1 or 2.2 and develop the assessment tool accordingly

2.1. Develop a risk management assessment tool to evaluate supply chain processes to determine potential risks and their impact on the organization.

2.2. Develop a performance management assessment tool to evaluate the performance of the supply chain that can be incorporated into an existing supply chain management performance management system.

3. You are appointed as the new Supply Chain Manager at Company ABC. You are tasked to develop the following in terms of optimizing the current supply chain and taking the supply chain global

Supply Chain Strategy. (so)

Operations within the supply chain (151;

Synchronize the supply chain to a more systematic approach (IS);

Synchronize all procedures, practices within the supply chain in accordance with legislation, best practices, corporate governance, and social responsibility principles Rol;

Synchronize the purchasing/procurement in accordance with international trade practices Rol;

Implementation plan with associated evaluation, monitoring performance measuring elements in terms of the Implementation of the above-mentioned supply chain strategy

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