University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Acoustic and Noise Scientific Report

Examples of Scientific Report on Noise

1. Effectiveness of noise barrier in reducing traffic noise at Anak Bukit Timah Flyover (P1)
2. Investigation to hearing loss at metalworking industry (P2/P3)
3. Noise Control measures at LTA Sites (P2/P3)
4. Reverberation in Classrooms and Lecture Halls (P4)
5. Effectiveness of regulations on noise pollution in urban Singapore (P2/ P3) or Noise pollution in Urban Singapore
6. A study on the sound-absorbing material use in movie theatres (P1)
7. Comparison of different sound measuring equipment (P1-4)
8. Hierarch of Noise Control and effective Noise Control Strategies (P1-4)

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The report should include

  • Abstract (or executive summary) attached on an unnumbered page at front of report; outline investigation, findings and conclusions in a few sentences.
  • An introduction
  • Description of the method used, including instrumentation and measure position(s)
  • Results- measurements and subsequent calculations
  • Analysis or discussion of results
  • Consideration of possible sources of uncertainty
  • Conclusions and recommendations, if appropriate

Scientific Report on Lab Book (N)

Title: Acoustic and Noise Scientific Report

Instruction: Write a report based on any of the 4 practical in the Noise Lab i.e. noise-reducing enclosure, workplace noise exposure assessment, assessment of boundary noise or measurement of reverberation time

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