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University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Personal Statement

Assignment Brief:

In this section of the application, you will respond to two prompts. What you write here will help us get to know you better and understand your reasons for seeking an undergraduate degree at NUS. Please answer the questions in a clear and concise manner.

We read your responses carefully; the quality of your writing matters.

1.)We would like to know about your motivation to come to NUS. Why is this program of interest to you? How do you think it will help your career or affect your trajectory? Please focus on your interest in Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Social Sciences, rather than on personal details or employment information. *

2.)In this space, tell us about an interesting project you took on, an idea you had that was implemented, or a challenge you had to deal with in your job. Alternatively, you may describe a problem at work that you would like to solve, and how you would go about solving it.

* Personal Information (for writing reference) : (Each prompt is 500-1000 words) perhaps help with around 750 words each or depends on how you can help balance like if the first prompt needs more and the 2nd is less it is ok too. Confidential and No plagiarism. Thank you so much! I am applying as a mature student at NUS for the bachelor of arts in philosophy.

For the last ten years, I’ve worked as an admin, general manager at QY for 3 years 2011-2013, HR manager at O for 2 years, 1/2 year of no salary in 2014 as intern admin, and a year in 2015 and an overseas company as HR/admin manager from 2016-2020, the company closed due to covid last year.

I stopped my education early because I had to pay my father’s debts from his failed business ventures and I got married and had kids early. Now I’m In the midst of finding a job, and an alternative career choice via education and coaching my 4 kids at home as a single mom, and caring for my elderly parents at home.

I have to look after my kids and parents with more time as my previous helper tortured two of my kids. I regularly need to bring my parents and one of my girls for physiotherapy and tuina as they have arthritis and other mobility issues. Spouse is domestically violent to me and from a patriotic family, is still married in a name for the sake of kids.

I have 3 daughters who are with me as my in-laws don’t like them and just took my son away last year, one son and one daughter have dyslexia. I also spent a lot of time teaching them. I studied short distance learning courses at Upenn and Oxford and obtained distinctions.

I have an AD in science because I never gave up on education and am always searching for a chance to be part of a continuing education program.I want to be a role model for my kids. I’m really preoccupied right now so I would need help with a personal statement.

I really want to get into NUS so I can fulfill my dreams of going into graduate studies in the future and be a role model for my kids. But I’m out of school for so long. Please help! I like philosophy because so many parts of academics are from it and I find it really interesting. Below are some samples of personal statements I found online which I hope that you can help look over and see if it can help you with my personal statement.

it would be great if some interesting philosophical ideas are presented in the personal statement. And state how NUS is ideal for me as My brothers studied there, every weekend of my childhood was visiting the dorms there and it has always been an ideal institution.

I was glad that the mature student program opened and I can have a chance to apply for it. Education’s primary goal is to help people get ahead and open new doors from where they are now.

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