Research Paper [25%] Project Objective: • The project assignment requires you to show an understanding of o The Machinery of Government and of o Influences on the Political System and then, demonstrate your ability to apply your understanding to any ONE of the issues of:

1. Political corruption

2. The role of gender on political leadership and/or political participation

3. Human rights and civil society groups, and

4. Youth involvement in politics and voter turnout as they affect specific Caribbean countries today.

The project will include two parts. A. Concept/Issue overview a. A general discussion of the machinery of government and influences of the political system as it related to any one of the following issues: i. Youth involvement in politics and voter turnout ii. The role of gender in political leadership and participation iii. The role of human rights civil society groups [LGBT] iv. Prevalence of political corruption [narrowed down to one 1 or 2 types: –extortion, patronage, nepotism, electoral etc] B. Case Study a. Here you will apply your knowledge to One (1) Caribbean country of your choice b. The case study section of the paper must discuss and apply the ideas you developed in the previous section

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