UGB371: You are Required to Complete a Presentation on the Analysis of the Organizational Case Study : Managing and Leading Change Report, UoS, Singapore

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University University of Sunderland (UoS)
Subject UGB371: Managing and Leading Change

Part A
In your management teams, you are required to complete a presentation on the analysis of the organizational case study. This is primarily a formative assessment support process to help you with

Part B. This will be presented in front of a panel of senior university staff.

Part B
You are required to write a 3000 word (+ 10%) report that analyses and evaluates the application of contemporary change management practice and its relevance to the case study organization. You should also make robust recommendations to improve how change management is approached within the organization, this should be supported by an action plan. In producing the report, you should ensure you have:

1. Analysed i.e., compared and contrasted the organizations approach against a range of models and frameworks covered within the module

2. Based on your analysis, identify the strengths and weaknesses within the
organization related to its approach to managing and leading change (including the human aspects e.g. creating readiness and overcoming resistance)

3. Made recommendations, identifying what the organization needs to do to improve its practice, this should be supported by an action plan that clearly articulates the short, medium, and long term actions needed to enhance the organization’s approach to managing and leading change.


Ace Publishing, also known as AP, is a private company headquartered in Singapore with international subsidiaries across big cities such as London, New York, Shanghai, and Sydney. This multinational company began operations in 1965 and has been a leading content developer and distributor of printed academic publications, capturing a large market share in the primary and secondary education levels in Singapore. High international demand for AP’s quality academic content also saw many overseas private schools purchase these books for distribution to students in the non-tertiary levels.

A major contributing factor to AP’s success is the Editorial team’s ability to develop content to match and exceed the Singapore Ministry of Education’s school syllabus requirements, to be printed and distributed as hardcopy school textbooks. As the government began to explore and embrace digital platforms in engaging learners over the past decade, many initiatives in the web-based curriculum were made mandatory. Driven by external regulatory requirements, AP is currently struggling to adopt a consistent change management approach to shift from print to digital content. Adapting to these changes is important for AP to maintain a competitive edge against industry competitors and ultimately, the company’s survival. This report analyses the company approach against several change models and provides suitable recommendations on implementing lasting change in the company.

Change Models

1. Kotter’s Change Management Model

2. ADKAR Change Management Model

3.  Kubler-Ross Five Stage Change Management Model

4. Lewin’s Change Management Model


To recommend using Lewin’s Model.

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