SWK105e Human Growth and Life-Span Development (Adulthood to Old Age), Singapore

Assignment Details:

1. Identify and discuss the main changes and challenges that take place as an individual enters and going through middle adulthood. Your discussion should demonstrate clear integration of data from your interview, and sound theoretical principles on developmental processes covered in this course (i.e., biological, cognitive, and socioemotional). Provide your own conclusion about the two midlife adults based on your observation (e.g., whether their experience is pleasant or otherwise). (40 Marks)

2. Evaluate whether midlife entails a crisis in development according to each of the adult stage theories. Explain the differences between the concept of ‘midlife crisis’ and the search for generativity, as well as examine the idea of midlife consciousness. In your analysis, make link to the experiences of the two mid-life adults you have interviewed. Also, highlight any points that might have been impacted by cultural differences (i.e., ethnicity). (40 Marks)

3. Identify and discuss the most interesting/fascinating things that you have learned from this informal research/interview. Point out any theories or principles that may be difficult to apply in the Singapore context.
(20 Marks)

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