Suppose you have been chosen by your company’s IT team to conduct testing on a specific system: Master of Technology in Software Engineering Assignment, NUS, Singapore

University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Master of Technology in Software Engineering

Question 1 

Suppose you have been chosen by your company’s IT team to conduct testing on a specific system. You are required to choose any ONE (1) of the following systems:

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)-based application;

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software

Then, plan and write a report in approximately 1000 words about the tests you wish to carry out at different levels along the development and maintenance processes:
a) Unit testing
b) Integration testing
c) System testing

Question 2

Hypothetically, since its inception, company UOW has been using over 100 legacy systems to run its business. In May 2021, it decided to replace all of its systems with a single centralized ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. The replacement project took approximately two years to complete. However, UOW soon found that the new system was unable to deliver the improvements it promised. After having spent more than RM50 million, only a portion of the new system was operational, but it too worked less efficiently than the legacy systems it replaced. Users had to continue using the older systems because they could not integrate them with the part of the new system that was implemented. Additional manual processing was required.

Software evolution often drives companies to make strategic decisions about their IT solutions. In the hypothetical case, it is unfortunate that UOW’s system replacement project fail.

a) Explain why a software system must evolve; otherwise suffers the consequences of becoming progressively less useful. Write your answer in about 350 words essay.

Question 3 

An embedded system can be defined as a control system or computer system designed to perform a specific task. Most embedded systems are time-critical applications, meaning that the embedded system is working in an environment where timing is very important: the results of an operation are only relevant if they take place in a specific time frame.

Review any ONE (1) real-time embedded systems; then write an approximately 1400- word essay about your findings.

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