Students should create a branding kit for their own digital marketing agency: Marketing Strategy in a Digital World Assignment, NUS, Singapore

Subject Marketing Strategy in a Digital World

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the role of e-marketing in the contemporary business environment.
  • Critically understand the relevance and application of internet technology in the marketing of both off- and online organizations.
  • Critically understand how the internet is located in a strategic business context.
  • Critically understand the models and theories of e-marketing

Task One 

Students should create a branding kit for their own digital marketing agency. The branding kit should also explain the reasoning behind your branding decisions

Task Two

Adopting the role of a digital marketing consultant, you are required to submit recommendations of what elements of digital marketing would be most suitable to meet the digital marketing objectives of The Khong Guan Restaurant. This will either be a 15-minute vlog, 15-minute podcast, or an 850-word blog post. Each approach allows complementary figures, tables, and appendices which students are encouraged to utilize. Please note, that these are not included in the word/minute count. Your recommendations should identify and critically analyze the fundamental issues related to digital marketing.

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