Question:- Individual Advertising & Promotion Report
Brands to choose from:
1. KFC
2. Emirates Airlines
3. IWC Watches
4. Oreo Cookies
5. Daikin Air-conditioners
6. Audi
7. Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Select a Brand/Company and critique their advertising and other promotional activities/tools
  • You can choose a brand as a whole (e.g. Oreo Cookies) or narrow down to a specific advertising campaign (usually for a new product by the brand).
  •  Note: Advertising primarily uses traditional mass media such as TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines & Cinema to deliver the advertising message
  • Other Promotional activities include Personal Selling, Sales Promotions, Marketing Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Product Placements and so forth, if applicable

1) What is include?
2) Introduction to the brand /product and the company background
3) Identification and definition of the advertising and promotional tools used by the brand (use screenshots/photos of advertisements as ‘evidence’)
4)Critique & evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising and promotional tools including the message appeals/story used, the choice of celebrity endorsers(or lack of), the choice of the advertising media platform & vehicles, the use of AIDA, was it persuasive, offensive, etc. Did it help build brand equity/value?
5) Conclusion about how your recommendations will be useful in improving the brand
6) References

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