University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject SEC337e: Security and Technology

Question 1

The rise in crimes and terrorism-related attacks have shown the ineffectiveness of the States’ law enforcement agencies. Debate how the present technology could help States mitigate this shortcoming (ineffectiveness) in this 21st Century.

Question 2

Future technologies have added challenges to the global security dilemma. This is expected to revamp the state’s defensive and offensive strategies. Briefly, in your own words, distinguish how emerging and trending technology should be addressed. Your answer should discuss the mitigations addressing global security.

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Question 3

Technology does not invite close examination of its consequences and it creates a culture without a moral foundation. The state’s ignorance to control and monitor technology has led to ‘panoptic’ surveillance in modern days. Assess how the use of technology has impacted society. Your answer should address the use of technology by both the terrorist organisation and the government’s security agencies.

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