Select one of the following topics from the list below, critically analyse, and evaluate a situation in your area of work regarding the respective management issues that you have encountered:

3b) Safety Issues in Radiology

Please write some of below issues and examples.

  1. Environment safety issue, a lot of cables and wires inside procedure room. One of my colleague tracked by the cable, and fell down caused her leg fracture.
  2. Sharp injury issue. One of the Junior doctor assisted the senior doctor doing the procedure, after the senior doctor cut the patient he passed back the knife time accidently cut the junior doctor standing behind him. Unfortunately the patient was a HIV positive. So the junior doctor had to take anti HIV drug for half year, and almost coused her liver failure.
  3. Radiation safety issue, example: after the procedure, usually the radiographer need disable the x-ray machine, but sometimes the radiographer forgot to off it, the x-ray still on. But the other staffs removed lead apron. During transfer patient time accidently step the foot switch, the x-ray is on. All the staff got exposed to unnecessary radiation.
  4. Infection control issue, like after infection cases, didn’t clean accordingly, cross infection happened.
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