S322 : A Proposal to set up an off-site Sports Management Training Institute for all Sec 3 Students taking Strategic Sports Management: Strategic Sports Development Assignment, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)
Subject S322: Strategic Sports Development

Assignment Topic :
A proposal to set up an off-site Sports Management Training Institute for all Sec 3 students taking Strategic Sports Management module as an O level subject in the year 2025.

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Singapore has been winning the Top Asian City in the world as the undisputed destination for sporting activities since 2021. In view of the new recognition given, Singapore government realized the need to groom future talents in the sports events management field. The pre-requisite for students taking this course is that they must be student-athletes. Therefore as part of the revised Vision 2030 plan, there was a need to introduce Strategic Sports Management as an O level subject starting in 2025.

You are part of the consultation team from SportsSg to provide advice to MOE to set up a MOE Sports Management Training Institute (MSMTI) by converting the current National Youth Sports Institute and Kallang Leisure Mall in Kallang as a training institute. It will be a hybrid of the current Sports School and RP’s DSPM curriculum. In this institution, all Sec 3 students who are taking strategic sports management as an O level subject will be required to attend off-site lessons at MSMTI 10 times in a year. Their lessons will include the following:

1) Strategic Sports Management module including Singapore Sports History

2)Mastery of at least 4 different sports ( 1 Territorial Invasion/ 1 Net-barrier/swimming or kayaking )

3) Physical training exercises. At the end of their academic year, all sec 3 students will be tasked to organise a sports event or activity at Sports Hub as part of Sports Hub’s year-end Community Play Day which will last over 4 weekends in December. Community Play Day will be a commissioned event that is sponsored by the Singapore Tourism Board targeting locals and tourists.

In consideration of the current coronavirus pandemic which has caused many sports events to be postponed, the learning point from any postponement is that it can be a blow to any organisers and a major challenge for sponsors and stakeholders. With a view of the challenges and limitations, you are to use the following guidelines to help you in your proposal.

1) SWOT analysis and rationale for this new set up. ( P1/ p8)
2) Identification of key stakeholders who will benefit from this proposal (P 2/ P9)
3) Design of a Long Term Athlete Development Plan ( P10 )
4) Design a daily time-table for the sports students at 15 years of age (P10)
5) Identification of challenges with considerations of another pandemic outbreak with reference to “Beyond The Games” concept. ( P13 )
6) How can the use of technology help with the facilities and programmes offered in MSMTI. ( P12 )
7) How can this initiative benefit Singapore? ( P11 )

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