Provide a brief profile of your client. Identify the client’s ABCs: Counselling Skills Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject Counselling Skills Assignment

Written Assignment:

Please copy and paste each question and respond accordingly on the assignment paper.

  1. Provide a brief profile of your client. Identify the client’s ABCs. (5 marks)
  2. Identify the client’s presenting issues and three emotions throughout the session (10 marks)
  3. Identify three basic counseling skills employed during the session. If you did not, identify the skills which should be demonstrated and why. (20 marks)
  4. What do you think you did well in the session? Identify three specific skill-related areas. (20 marks)
  5. What are some of skill-related areas that you think you need to improve? Identity three areas. (20 marks)
  6. Provide a summary of the case and one specific intervention at the end of the session. (10 marks)
  7. Describe your experience as a counsellor-in-training. (15 marks)
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