POL357: Corruption is regarded as a perennial problem in governance. Cite three reasons to explain why it is unlikely: Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject POL357: Good Governance and Anti-corruption

Question 1

Corruption is regarded as a perennial problem in governance. Cite three reasons to explain why it is unlikely for a country to have zero corruption, and show factual evidence to support each reason. Since corruption cannot be eradicated, also provide your opinion on whether it is futile to combat corruption, and apply relevant knowledge in your justification.

Question 2

The level and nature of corruption are affected by various factors, including politics. Examine three ways in which political gameplay by politicians to secure power may end up propagating corruption directly or indirectly, with reference to one or more theoretical concept(s). Also, compare whether there are significant differences between Western and Eastern countries in addressing corruption associated with political gameplay by politicians. Cite concrete evidence to support your arguments.

Question 3

The fraud triangle covers three elements that are necessary for corruption to occur. For each of the three elements, discuss one method to tackle it and show how technology may be leveraged to do so. Each method should be illustrated by a real-world case arising between 2022 and 2023, and at least one of the cases should involve international cooperation. Furthermore, analyze which of the three elements of the fraud triangle may be most crucial to tackle, in the context of corruption control.

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