You can write a personal narrative that, ideally (but not mandatorily), integrates the technological/digital, and that in some way has some kind of thesis of its own, some kind of point you want your reader to better understand by the narrative’s end.

The big question here, of course, is how you integrate the technological/digital into the paper. Your options are unlimited; you could

a) write some part of it in the style of texting

b) offer a narrative about the influence of digital devices on you

c) include screenshots of your laptop to aid in whatever narrative you’re telling

Or honestly you could do anything else. Just remember that it has to be a personal narrative and it needs to make some kind of claim. That claim can be about whatever you want it to be: something about yourself and the way you live, something about our digital culture, or heck, something about writing in digital spaces! It’s up to you!

Learning outcomes:

1) To write and “think” with attention to the visual

2) To present an argument in a visual/digital way (or to think through the digital/technological in writing about yourself)

3) To practice writing in “alternative” rhetorical contexts

4) To continue building awareness of and critical thinking skills towards visual/digital rhetorics

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