University The University of Newcastle (UoN)
Subject NURS1101: Foundations in Professional Practice

Learning Outcomes of this Module:

Students who successfully complete this module will:

  • be able to operate ethically, safely and professionally within the context of practice placements
  • be able to critically evaluate their skills, set goals for further development and take initiative in their learning
  • be able to make use of a range of learning resources, including supervision and personal therapy
  • be able to reflect critically on their learning across academic and experiential components of the program
  • be prepared to be in placement with a “readiness to practice” certificate to start client work over the summer. Trainees may gain a maximum of 50 supervised client work before starting the second year of training.

Client’s information

The client is 49 years old, male. He is a Taiwanese PR working in Singapore. He lives with his wife and two children (teenagers) in Singapore. He is working as an operation director in a semi-conductor company. He is also currently studying in a Masters in Counselling course.

The client is frustrated with his work situation as he struggles to adapt to his new boss’s working style. He has thoughts of leaving this job but currently decides to stay as the offers require him to move out of Singapore.

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Assignment Questions:

  1. What do you think the client is experiencing at this moment? (You can make reference here to person-centered theory e.g. stages of the process, incongruence, conditions of worth, external locus of evaluation, etc.).
  2. What is your internal response (thinking & feeling) to the client at this moment and why? What feelings and thoughts are going on in you at this point?
  3. How does your internal response influence your actual response to the client?
  4. What was your therapeutic intention in choosing this intervention? What skills are you using? (e.g. reflection skills; offering a congruent response; working with advanced empathy, etc.). What did you want to happen?
  5. What is the theoretical rationale for your intervention?
  6. Was your intervention helpful or not, and how do you know?
  7. What might you have said/done differently?
  8. What does the interaction between you and the client tell you about what is going on, or where you are, the counseling relationship?
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