NUR480 You are required to present a robust academic thesis, which includes a review of the literature on a relevant issue arising: Bachelor in Sciences (NURSING) Thesis, NUS, Singapore

University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject NUR4802 Bachelor in Sciences (NURSING

Learning outcomes
By the end of this module you should be able to:
1. Select an aspect of health care related to clinical practice in which you have a particular interest.
2. Undertake an in-depth and critical review of relevant literature paying particular attention to the appropriateness of methodologies, sampling methods, data collection, and analysis used.
3. Integrate the findings of the review with relevant areas of knowledge from the degree program and personal professional knowledge and experience to develop either a research proposal or a practice innovation (change) proposal.
4. Assess the implication(s) of the proposal for nursing practice.

Module Orientation
You are required to present a robust academic thesis, which includes a review of the literature on a relevant issue arising from clinical practice in Singapore. You should consider the implications of the evidence you gather and use it to develop one of the following proposals:

1. A Change Innovation Proposal: To develop a proposal on an aspect of practice that should be changed or implemented based on sound evidence.
2. A Research Proposal: To develop a research proposal to answer a potential research question in order to generate new knowledge on a particular clinical issue.
The honors thesis should be based on sound theories and evidence that supports the development of your subsequent proposal.

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