NUR09122: Discuss how you would search for evidence and evaluate this selected evidence. Design a small pilot study: Advancing Practice through Research Assignment,, Singapore

University Edinburgh Napier University (ENU)
Subject NUR09122: Advancing Practice through Research


Discuss how you would search for evidence and evaluate this selected evidence. Design a small pilot study, following the stages of the research process. Discuss how you would disseminate the findings from your study and how implementation might occur. Describe how you will locate relevant evidence for the chosen scenario Provide a clear systematic search strategy Retrieve relevant literature. Evaluate the evidence based on a hierarchy of evidence.

Part 2:

Develop a research proposal based on the following areas:

  • Develop a research question
  • Determine research approach – you need to choose from one of the following: Quantitative
    Experimental Quantitative
    Observational Qualitative
  • Determine Setting
  • Sampling method
  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Recruitment
  • Ethics
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis

You must use literature to demonstrate you understand the research process and to justify the decisions you are making when planning your research. Part 3 in more detail requires you to •Consider how you would share your work and implement changes in practice

Write about what will help or hinder dissemination and implementation using evidence to support your writing.

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