University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Operations and Supply Chain Management


Now, suppose you are the supply chain manager of a company (Boeing), critically analyse the company’s supply chain and discuss how would you apply the theories and principles learnt in this module to improve the supply chain performance. You are expected to describe the company’s supply chain first, and then to identify the key issue(s) or problem(s) in the supply chain, find out the reasons causing the problem(s) and propose appropriate solutions.

Theories and principles learnt in lecturers and seminars should be applied to the selected supply chain to justify your analysis. In addition, the critical analysis should be underpinned by up to date peer reviewed academic journal articles and examples and cases (not limited to the selected company).

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Part 1)

Boeing – Describe background/ network of the company – what is my role – am I a manufacturer, distributor, who is my upstream supplier, who is my downstream customers, draw a simple supply chain diagram and briefly describe it

Part 2)

Identify key issue(s) or problem(s) in the supply chain and find out the reasons causing the problem(s) and propose appropriate solutions. Draw a fish bone diagram identifying the symptoms/ problem: late in delivery and state the reason. root cause i.e outsourced things like engineering and manufacturing – what is causing this? Identify it. Draw the fish bone diagram to identify the problem – cause and effect. Explain the root cause that lead to the problem. Identify key problems and find out the reasons

Part 3)

Propose a solution based on the theories/ concepts. Others: Write a maximum of 3 topics – 3 corresponding solutions to solve 3 issues i.e procurement issue – solution is to improve by managing my suppliers (root cause of late delivery). The solution must solve the problem. Based on that fish bone, identify 3 root cause and apply 3 concepts/ topics At least 20 references (majority should be journals, academic articles)

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