NCO201: Identify and describe your learning goal: Learn to Learn, Learn for Life Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS)
Subject NCO201 Learn to Learn Learn for Life Assignment

Question 1

Create a learning plan.
Use this template to create your learning plan:
Learning Plan Template (plan to be completed by Week 6)

Identify and describe your learning goal.
(Your goal should be something challenging but attainable. This could be something like:
• Completing a new project
• Getting a job
• Finishing a study programme or certification
• Mastering a new skill)

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  • Identify and describe the necessary learning experience.
  • Identify and explain the support and/or resources you will need to progress toward your goal.
  • Break down your goal into a series of smaller, sequential tasks.
  • (Make a table or chart to organise your goals and/or
    milestones with a timeline for reaching those
    objectives so you can track your progress.)
  • (Set up check-ins with a partner, supervisor, etc. along
    the way.)

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