Mr. Tan. In this report, recount the counselling process and justify your recommendations and decisions that Gerry needs to make to progress in his career: DIPLOMA IN COUINSELLING: CAREER COUNSELLING Report, RP, Singapore

University Republic Polytechnic (RP)

Assessment 2: Individual Assignment

Career counseling is an integral activity in the counselling profession. To be effective, trained counsellors must function professionally and ethically throughout the counselling sessions. There are certain responsibilities expected before, during and after a formal assessment is conducted so that a career decision can be made and supported.

Case Study

A 45-year-old tuition teacher, Gerry, is experiencing problems at work. He has been teaching for more than 15 years but feels unappreciated at the tuition centre. Of late, Gerry is experiencing conflicts with his spouse and his 10-year-old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD by the Institute of Mental Health. The son is currently going through therapy.

Gerry feels that he is not responding to his purpose in life. Instead, he feels that he is doing something that he does not enjoy at work.


You are to prepare a simple report, which is to be given your counselling supervisor, Mr. Tan. In this report, recount the counselling process (i.e., all the sessions you had with Gerry) and justify your recommendations and decisions that Gerry needs to make to progress in his career. You are free to choose the way the report is designed but it must demonstrate and provide succinct information.

Please note the limitations of this assignment:

You need to consider the number of sessions provided to Gerry and plan how you can achieve the career goal collaboratively. It is recommended that it is between 12-15 sessions and each session is held weekly.

You need to artificially create the results obtained based on the assessments tools you have selected to apply so that it can justify your actions.

Include in your essay:

1. Identify career counselling theories and how these theories might be useful in explaining Gerry’s situation.

2. As the attending career counsellor, describe your ethical and professional responsibilities to Gerry throughout the sessions.

3. Identify the purpose of objective assessments and how that has contributed to your assessment of the situation.

4. The considerations on how objective testing should be conducted i.e., before, during and after the counselling session. You need to recommend the specific test instrument to assess Gerry and explain how it impacts the reliability and validity of the counselling session.

5. Do provide a simple introduction and conclusion for this essay.

6. Do use clear paragraphing to identify and support your answers.

7. Correctly reference all works used in the creation of your essay (minimum 8) and provide in text citation of the location in your essay you have used this work.

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