MO9622: Critique and Appraise a Variety of Strategic Supply Chain Management Techniques: Strategic Supply Chain Management Assignment, NU, Singapore

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University Northumbria University (NU)
Subject MO9622: Strategic Supply Chain Management


Individual-based report

  • Individually to prepare a 3000 (+/-10%) words report on an evaluation of a supply chain organisation/supply chain department of an organisation (ie part of a Supply Chain in either a Manufacturing; Retail or Service Industry).
    • to compare and contrast its supply chain strategy against a comprehensive literature review on appropriate supply chain theories
    • the theories include but are not limited to planning, customer service, JIT/Quick Response, pipeline management, inventory/distribution management, E-supply chain, closed-loop supply chain, lean/agile, 6 sigmas;
    • to evaluate the organisation and provide improvement suggestions
    • Include an Abstract (200 words max not in word count)
    • Include an Introduction (100 words) and a Conclusion (200 words both included in the word count)
  • Your report should include data on the organisation to analyse the strategic role of the organisation within its supply chain and assessing its operation in terms of its supply chain strategy. This will involve secondary data collection and analysis.

Students are expected to undertake significant research and literature review to develop their case.

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Mapping to Programme Goals and Objectives

Knowledge & Understanding:

  1. Critique and appraise a variety of Strategic Supply Chain Management techniques and their application to the analysis and interpretation of business data for a variety of organisational applications. (MLO1)
  2. Understand and critically evaluate the role of Strategic Supply Chain Management as an aid to decision making; through the selection of techniques to assist in the solution of business problems. (MLO2) Intellectual / Professional skills & abilities:
  3. Evidence skills in the handling of Supply Chain Management techniques and the corresponding findings of its analysis and for progression to more advanced contexts. (MLO3)
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