MEC2342: Transfer function and State-space representation- analyse the open-loop system response of the pitch angle: Control Engineering, Assignment, UOG, Singapore

University University of Glasgow (UOG)
Subject MEC2342: Control Engineering

Task 2 – Transfer function and State-space representation.

Using the models from task 1, analyse the open-loop system response of the pitch angle:

MEC2342: Control Engineering

Figure 4: Transfer Function of the Pitch Angle Model.

3) Show how the open-loop system response to a step input of 2 volts.

4) Would the open-loop response satisfy the design specifications?

5) Explain how to analyse the stability of the open-loop system.

6) Show how the close-loop system or feedback system performs to a step input of 15 degrees (11 degrees), use a proportional controller set to 1 (unit gain).

7) Would the closed-loop response satisfy the design criteria? Explain your findings.

8) Explain how to analyse the stability of the closed-loop system or feedback system. It is recommended to use Routh’s stability criterion.

9) Create MATLAB scripts to simulate and show the step response of your control system and you are required to summarise all these findings in the report.

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