MEC2342: Root Locus Approach- Based on the design specification design a controller using classical control techniques: Control Engineering, Assignment, UOG, Singapore

University University of Glasgow (UOG)
Subject MEC2342: Control Engineering

Task 3 – Root Locus Approach:

Based on the design specification design a controller using classical control techniques for the closed-loop control system depicted in Figure 5:

10) Design a controller to derive desired properties in the output response. Determine what kind of controller is necessary: Proportional, Proportional-Integral (PI) or Proportional Integral Derivative (PID). Describe how the properties of the chosen feedback controller impact the output response.

11) You are required to provide details of the steps taken to design the controller. Use the lecture slides provided.

12) Design the controller using the Root-Locus method, tune it through iterations, and propose possible solutions.

13) Use MATLAB commands to create plots and using the plots explain how the controller is ‘’shaped’’.

14) Explain the characteristics of your controller and how the controller was designed to meet the design specifications.

15) Show how the close-loop system or feedback system performs to a step input of 15 degrees of pitch angle.

16) Would the closed-loop response satisfy the design criteria? If not tune the controller and report your design iterations.

17) Create a Simulink model to simulate and show the step response of your control system. You are required to summarise all these findings in the report.

18) What are the closed loop stability margins? Show both the Nyquist plot and the Bode plot to respond to the question. You may use MATLAB plots to provide your answers.

MEC2342: Control Engineering

Figure 5: Closed-Loop Control System of the Pitch Angle System.

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