MEC2342: Evaluation of Control System- Improve the initial or inferior controller by tuning the controller using heuristic techniques: Control Engineering, Assignment, UOG, Singapore

University University of Glasgow (UOG)
Subject MEC2342: Control Engineering

Task 4 – Evaluation of Control System

19) Improve the initial or inferior controller by tuning the controller using heuristic techniques.

20) Create a table to report all the iterations by means of comparing against the design specifications.

21) Illustrate the evolution of design iterations using the step response (time domain analysis).

22) Identify trade-offs between design specifications by means of comparing all the design iterations. Explain your findings. Use parallel coordinates or any other appropriate visualization techniques to compare multiple objectives or specifications, show objectives or specifications are conflicting.

23) Prove or disprove hypothesis 1 and 2 with evidence of your results.

24) You are required to summarise all these findings in the report.

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