MBS539 Accounting for Manager Assignment, MU, Singapore: The Business Plan Prepare your plan according to the following list: (100 – 200 words each session, Singapore

University Murdoch University (MU)
Subject MBS539 Accounting for Manager Assignment

The Business Plan Prepare your plan according to the following list: (100 – 200 words each session, total approx. 750- 1000 words) 1. Description of the business: (2 marks) – Describe your business. – Form of organisation of the entity; state the form of the small business you choose; – Location; state the location of your business and the reason for you to choose that location. – Goals; list at least three current and future expansion goals for your business. of the entity – briefly. 2. Marketing plan: (2 marks)

This section explains how your business will make sales (the demand of your product – based on the market research you have conducted) and how it will influence (promote, price, and distribute the product) and respond to the market condition. – Hint: Assume that you have done some research on the business industry, make a brief statement about its prospect, its potential competitors, and how you will focus your advertising effort facing this. Note: Information on marketing/advertising costs estimation is to be included in the Financial Plan, not in this section. 3. Operating plan: (2 marks) In this section, show some strategies to develop and support your product; this includes the business relationship with potential contract suppliers and customers and your plan for your business expansion in the future. 4. Environmental management plan: (2 marks)

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For this assignment, you are required to only briefly describe some environmental and social concerns that your business can maintain, such as on the equipment, supplies, or materials you use in the business. 5. Financial plan – Sources of capital/equity: (2 marks) State the amount and the source of your business capital requirements – initial cash/investment by owners, purchase of start-up equipment, possible loans – long/short terms, etc. When do you think you would have enough cash inflow to pay an instalment of a loan (if any)? 6. Financial plan – Projected financial performance: (5 marks)

This section covers some estimations/assumptions of your business performance, including the projected sales and the relevant purchases, as well as predicted operational expenses, cash collections and payments (cash inflows and outflows). Information in this section is the summary of key assumptions of your business Projected Financial Performance you have drafted in your discussion worksheet. These data should be then being reflected into your cash budget, involving: o the payment term set up by the suppliers. o Estimated sales amount and the terms of payment you set up for them and other projected customers. o Day to day expenses such as the monthly wages/salaries, utilities, depreciation of assets and other general & admin expenses, etc. 7. Prepare a Cash budget for the first quarter of your business operation, reflecting the assumptions in your plan.

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