1. i) Provide a description of your current or past organisation – include name of company, location of company, company headcount, products/services provided.  
  • Current Company – Singapore Civil Defence force
  • A short description of my company – The main roleof SCDF is to provide fire-fighting, rescue and emergency medical services; mitigating hazardous materials incidents, as well as formulate, implement and enforce regulations on fire safety and civil defence shelter matters.
  • Address of my current company – No 1, Marymount Lane Singapore (574029)
  • Product/Services provided – SCDF operates a 24-hour Emergency Medical Services (EMS), which is ready to respond to any medical emergency in Singapore. The EMS crew is well trained and equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies.

In an emergency, every second counts. If someone is seriously injured in an accident or suddenly collapses, the victim could have serious medical complications if he does not receive prompt medical attention and treatment. The speedy arrive of EMS could mean the difference between life and death.

  • Company headcount – 148 Headcount in Bishan Fire Station. 85 Fire-Fighters, 60 Ambulance Crew, 3 Administrative Officer.
  1. ii) Prepare an organisation chart of the company (please show name of company, names of departments and job titles under each department). (7 marks)
  2. b) People are important resources to ensure the success of your organisation. Please examine the following issues:
  3. i) Identify ONE supervisory position in your organisation. Prepare a Job Description (JD) and Job Specification (JS) of the identified supervisory position. You need to include FOUR job duties under the JD and FOUR requirements under the JS. (8 marks)
  4. ii) Identify and describe TWO challenges at the workplace that supervisors in your organisation are likely to face. Justify your answers with relevant examples. (8 marks)
  5. c) Provide the job title of ONE OTHER POSITION (NON-Supervisory/NON-managerial) that your organisation needs to recruit.

Recommend TWO suitable recruitment sources and TWO suitable recruitment methods to attract applicants for the identified position you have provided. Justify your recommendations.                                                   (12 marks)

  1. d) Recommend THREE appropriate selection tools that will help manager in choosing the most suitable candidates for the non-supervisory position mentioned in c). Support your recommendation with relevant examples. (15 marks)
  2. e) Design an orientation programme for the non-supervisory position mentioned in c). Describe THREE general orientation activities and THREE specific orientation activities for this position. Support your answers with examples.     (15 marks)
  3. f) Identify and describe the performance appraisal (PA) process, linking to the non-supervisory position mentioned in c) and provide a specific example for each step. (14 marks)

job training programmes that are relevant to this position. Support your answers with recommendations of actual training programmes available in the market today.

Additional research to support your answers would be required and marks will be awarded.

Please append your additional research materials in appendix.                                (10 marks)

  1. h) Identify TWO potential causes of conflict that may occur between the staff in your organisation in their day to day work. Provide a specific example to justify your identification. Suggest ONE conflict management strategy that can be used to overcome the conflict.                         (11 marks)
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