MAF707: Sensitivity to sample selection: How might the selection of the sample period influence the optimization outcomes: Investments And Portfolio Management Assignment, DU, Singapore

University Deakin University (DU)
Subject MAF707 Investments And Portfolio Management Assignment

Question 3: Reflection on limitations of your analysis (7 Marks)

  • Sensitivity to sample selection: How might the selection of the sample period influence the optimization outcomes? Are there potential biases or anomalies in the dataset that could impact the analysis?
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  • Forward-Looking Assumptions: Given that the analysis is based on historical data, how do you account for the assumption that past performance will continue into the future? Discuss the challenges of extrapolating historical trends and the implications for portfolio decision-making.
  • Market Dynamics: To what extent does the analysis capture changing market dynamics and unforeseen events that occurred during the data period? Consider how market shocks, economic changes, or geopolitical events may have influenced asset returns and portfolio optimization outcomes.
  • Model Uncertainty: Acknowledge the inherent uncertainty in the potential limitations of the Markowitz optimization method and other modeling assumptions employed in the analysis.

Covering the above four items you are required to reflect on the limitations of your analysis.

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