London Examination Board(LEB) – Managing Human Capital – Assignment 

The Context
Performance management is the active process of developing a partnership between employees and management that helps employees perform optimally and align their personal contributions with the goals, values, and initiatives of the organization.

Performance Management encompasses a holistic approach to deliver continued and sustainable success to the organization by improving the performance of employees by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors. Strategic performance management aims to facilitate the process to improve an organization’s results through teams and individuals, by understanding and managing their performance within an agreed framework of planned goals, standards, and competency requirements.


You have recently been appointed as a consultant to the Group Director of Human Resources of a local group of companies. Your immediate responsibility is to advise on the performance level of a large workforce of about 1,000 workers. Your key objective is to help identify the level of productivity that will contribute to the growth of the company over the next two years. Among the members of your workforce are the senior management, trainees, skilled, unskilled workers and retirees.

They comprise of local and foreign workers. The foreign workers comprise a large proportion of the unskilled workforce, where language can be a barrier to communication. The company is considered a market leader and provides the most attractive employee compensation scheme within the industry. Despite this, there are various human resource(HR) challenges that are adversely affecting productivity levels. This includes high levels of absenteeism, attrition, a lack of discipline among workers, language deficit among foreign workers, a need to constantly firefight and a general lack of morale among employees.

In this context,  you require to conduct the following:-
a) address the HR challenges faced in the company by evaluating the         seriousness of the issues presented
   b) identifying the various HR gaps that would otherwise allow the company to increase its growth
   c) develop suitable strategies to address the said HR gaps in order to increase productivity
  d) recommend key performance indicators that can be used to measure employee productivity levels.

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