LBNS 2307 (Nursing Studies) – Clinical Governance in Nursing is a framework for nurses with the aim of providing a safe, Singapore


Clinical Governance in Nursing is a framework for nurses with the aim of providing a safe, efficient and competent service to the patients/ clients. As a registered nurse, discuss the successful implementation of clinical governance with reference to the nursing themes.



  • A brief introduction to the clinical governance in nursing and how they relate to the role of the registered nurse.
  • An overview of the structure of the essay.

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Clinical Governance

  • Discussion of the principles underlying the introduction of clinical governance and the main elements that make up a typical clinical governance framework.
  • Analysis of the responsibilities of the registered nurse in implementing clinical governance principles in their particular clinical setting.
  • The importance of critical thinking and problem solving in that role.

Exploration of one problem in your clinical area

  • A brief description of the problem, the background to its development and why you think it is important that it is addressed.
  • A discussion of the actions you would take to address the problem.
  • You should justify your actions using relevant theoretical approaches.
  • A discussion of the way(s) in which you would evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed solution.


  • A summary of the discussion of the theme and the implications for your practice.
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