In today’s digital era, non-profit organizations such as Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS): digital marketing Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

University Singapore University of Social Sciences(SUSS)
Subject digital marketing Assignment

The Transformative Impact of Digital Marketing on Non-Profit Organizations: A Case Study of Causes for Animals Singapore


In today’s digital era, non-profit organizations such as Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS) are increasingly reliant on digital marketing to expand their reach and enhance their operational efficiency. CAS has been at the forefront of promoting animal welfare and has utilized digital platforms to communicate its mission and engage with the community.

However, the organization faced a significant challenge when COVID hits the nation and jeopardized a major donation drive. This essay explores how CAS and the team adeptly navigated this crisis and overhauled the organization’s digital marketing strategy, fundamentally transforming its public engagement and support mechanisms.

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Body of the Essay:

The crisis at CAS unfolded when Covid 19 pandemic Hit Because we cannot gather in person to host our annual day out for donation drive.

In this case we are force to think out of the box to go digital marketing. We have to overcome the crisis by utilising digital marketing strategy.

List the digital marketing

Through email marketing through Sendinblue to sent out our newsletters & to inform donation in our varies campaigns.

2nd strategy through edutech, Rise awareness to public through the website to educate the public how to take care of the strays.

TNRM- Trap, Neuter, Release Programme. Collaboration with Animal Veterinary Service & AWGs ( animal Welfair Groups ) with Causes for Animals . to education the public through youtube video to control the street dog population.

3rd – Run varies campaigns through out the years to raise fund. Heal appeal .

Medical assistance for rescus cases through videos and pics.

Through stories & pic posted on social media link to website that will arose the public to donate online through differient way online – paynow, online giving platform –

The incident that threatened Causes for Animals Singapore’s major donation drive ultimately served as a catalyst for transformative change within the organization. Through strategic and thoughtful digital marketing management, Jojo Tan not only salvaged the campaign but also positioned CAS for greater future success. This case study illustrates the powerful role of digital marketing in recovering from setbacks and in building stronger relationships with the community. It highlights that with the right strategies, non-profits can significantly enhance

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