Identify a Research paper that has Investigated the Compartment and Explain how they Identified the Compartment in that Study: Molecular Cell Biology Essay, NUS, Singapore

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University National University of Singapore (NUS)
Subject Molecular cell biology

a. Describe the compartment you have selected. You should include
i) description of the structure of the compartment;
ii) a summary of the cellular pathways directly associated with the compartment;
iii) identify a research paper that has investigated the compartment and explain how they identified the compartment in that study.

b. Perform a case study on a single protein that is considered a resident protein in that compartment (i.e. accumulated in that compartment and also functions in it). You should include
i) description of the protein and any biochemical function it has;
ii) document the cellular function the protein contributes to;
iii) identify and summarise a research paper that significantly advanced our understanding off or initially discovered that protein;
iv) report if the function of this protein been associated with any disease state.

c. Organelles are the sum of their parts. To understand an organelle you need to know what proteins are associated or localized within them. Identify a single protein associated with your organelle. Search the databases for research articles related to your proteins – look for those with your protein name in its title.

Diseases are rarely defined by a single research article and the translation of the basic knowledge of disease is ongoing. Specialized databases have been created to collect knowledge of individual diseases and are curated to keep it current. OMIM

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