IDEM is the Premier Launchpad Into the Asia-Pacific Market: Events Operations & Logistics Management Assignment, TP, Singapore

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University Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
Subject Events Operations & Logistics Management

IDEM 2022
IDEM (International Dental Exhibition and Meeting) is the premier Launchpad into the Asia-Pacific market for dental manufacturers and distributors coveting to take that first step into Asia. IDEM 2022 expects to welcome over 500 exhibiting companies and over 9,000 participants over the course of 3 days. Attendees can look forward to a seamless and compact event experience from the point of arrival, with registration counters and all exhibition halls located on a single level. More information on IDEM2022 can be found at: Assuming you are part of the exhibition project team in charge of IDEM for the year 2022, you are to complete your report for both part 1 and part 2.

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Part 1
KaVo Kerr, a dental solutions provider based in the USA, is keen to be one of the exhibitors for IDEM2022. The KaVo Kerr portfolio of brands and products enables dental diagnosis and treatment solutions spanning restoratives, digital imaging solutions, treatment units, rotary instruments, laboratory equipment, infection prevention, and practice education. For the IDEM2022, the company is keen to showcase its line of dental imaging solutions, as well
as a full range of dentist equipment including dental chairs, dental units, and dentist stools.

More information on KaVo Kerr can be found They seek your advice on the following areas:

1. shipping options for Kova Kerr equipment (support your recommendations with the pros and cons of each shipping option).

2. is there any custom and freight regulations on the importations of exhibits into Singapore Does Kova Kerr need to take note?

3. Is there any license/s or permit/s KaVo Kerr needs to apply for before the event?

4. As Singapore is one of the countries with the highest number of visitors, how should the Kova Kerr exhibition team handle trade visitors from Singapore, in terms of business culture and best practices?

Part 2
“Organisers of public events will need to notify police at least 28 days beforehand if they expect a crowd size of above 5,000 at any time. Industry players and event organizers, when contacted, said that extra security demands could mean higher costs for participants.” You may access the full article at Assuming the attendance for the IDEM2022 event is going to be at least 9000 visitors, answer the following questions.

1. Discuss how will the measure affect the event.

2. Do you think this new measure is necessary? Why / why not?

3. Besides the above requirement to notify the police, is there any other permit or license the organizer of IDEM needs to apply for?

4. Discuss at least 2 crisis and their management plans which may happen during the event.

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