HKDSEE English Language Paper 4 -Strange’ Hong Kong food! Hong Kong a world-famous for its cuisine and is known as a food paradise, Singapore

University The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Subject HKDSEE English Language Paper 4 -Strange' Hong Kong food


                            ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAPER 4


This paper consists of two parts: Part A, Group Interaction; and Part B, Individual Response. Part B will immediately follow Part A. DO NOT write anything on this page.

PART A Group Interaction

You will be given 10 minutes to prepare. The time allowed for the group interaction is 8 minutes for 6 minutes for a group of 3 candidates). You may make notes on the notecard provided and refer to your notes during the discussion

Below is an extract taken from an online article about local food:

 “Strange’ Hong Kong food!”

Hong Kong a world-famous for its cuisine and is known as a food paradise. Yet, some people from outside Hong Kong might find some local food rather strange. One website reviews ten weird Hong Kong foods, and even gives it an eatable’ rating! Below are four examples:

Thousand-year-old eggs

 Duck eggs are buried in clay, sand and salt for a couple of months, melting their insides to jelly. The yolk turns a dark green and smells like it has been around for 1000 years.

Chicken feet

These wrinkled, claw-like chicken feet look like something from a witch’s pot! Luckily, they taste better than they look, although there isn’t much meat and is mostly just skin!

Sea slugs

You’d think sea slugs would be slimy and slightly rubbery and you’d be right! Sea slugs have a slippery texture and beginners should try them fried on a bed of noodles or rice with an accompanying sauce.

Turtle soup

Turtles are boiled for up to twelve hours, mixed with herbs and then served as a type of jelly-like soup. The attraction here is the medicinal benefits, certainly not the taste, which is horrible!

HKDSEE English Language Paper 4 -Strange' Hong Kong food!

Your group has been assigned to produce a brochure for tourists about special local food in Hong Kong. Discuss with your group what to include in your brochure. You may want to talk about:

  • other kinds of strange Hong Kong food to include in the brochure
  •  why tourists may find these local foods strange
  • how to make these foods more attractive in the brochure
  • anything else you think is important

PART B individual Response

The examiner will ask you one or more questions based on Part 4. You will have up to 1 minute to respond

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