Assignment Details:

Question:- You are required to develop a proposal for a new 2-day convention of the following areas: b. Healthy Living The convention will be held in the last quarter of 2020 in Singapore and will target 500 attendees.

You will need to propose and justify the dates for this convention.
i) Objectives This is an individual coursework assignment in the form of a written report. The objective is to assess students’ understanding of planning and organizing a convention by applying the relevant concepts. The proposal should cover the following areas:

• Background of the convention
• Program design
• Venue selection and space layout
• Speaker selection and management
• Attendee management (specifically in the area of registration)
• Convention publicity and marketing Background of the Convention
• Brief introduction of the current trends and/or challenges of the selected topic
• Audience profile
• Objectives of the convention
• Explain how the convention will appeal to the target audience 8 2 Programme Design
• Propose a convention title
• Propose date for convention and justify your choice 14 Page 4 of 11
• Propose at least TWO (2) tracks
• Develop a Programme at a Glance 3 Speaker Selection and Management
• Propose the Guest of Honour and justify your choice
• Propose your selected keynote speaker for each track and justify your choice 8 4 Venue Selection and Space Planning
• Propose and justify the venue for the convention
• Propose the assignment of function rooms and seating arrangements for the various sessions 6 5 Attendee Management – Registration
• Design a registration form for the convention
• Develop an onsite registration plan
• Draft the data protection policy for the convention 16 6 Convention Publicity and Marketing
• Propose TWO (2) publicity channels for the convention and explain your choice
• Propose TWO (2) marketing channels for the convention and explain your choice

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